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Statements from the exhibiting Brands on the GreenroomVoice platform within the “INSPIRE” Booth at ispo 2013

Michael Spitzbarth, Founder and Owner at Bleed Organic Clothing

Our fifth ISPO winter participation has been most valuable for bleed clothing, as the green topic has finally been acknowledged and presented very well within the frame of GreenroomVoice. There is a huge rethinking going on in the mainstream. We’ll definitely join the next years exhibition with a much bigger stand, because the rush of visitors has been enormous this year.

Gordon Fraser, Managing Director of the Anatom Group of Companies, TEKO

For TEKO it was so good to be amongst like-minded brands. We sometimes feel like a lonely voice but it was refreshing being part of the Greenroom Voice in such a positive space within the ISPO show. The future of our world is harnessed by each of these brands in a very creative and meaningful way. TEKO would love to be part of it again next year.

Timo Perschke, CEO & Founder PYUA

With PYUA we have participated since its founding in 2008 at the various concepts on green economy and sustainability. A big problem is the lack of transparency the various certificates represent, which makes it almost impossible for consumers to gain clarity about who is now green-washing and who is serious. We appreciate the work of GreenroomVoice very much. With much know-how they have undertaken the task to create a clear Rating on sustainability to generate information, which goes far beyond the one or the other certificate. We will communicate the EcoRating with the next delivery and hope that GreenroomVoice has the power to convey the message to the outside. We wish Cira and her team, that the current transparency is maintained. We will deliver our products from now on with the new hangtag-system. In the next years we will deepen the partnership and have many great ideas.

Jaime Ferrer-Dalmau, European Distribution Manager of ENTROPY

GreenRoomVoice platform @ ISPO 2013 in Munich has been the perfect place to present a sustainable product that having a great impact on CO2 Footprint reduction of all snow industry hardware, it is almost transparent to most of ISPO visitors and end users. Next year we would love to be there again, to share new experiences, projects, meet new members, network, charge batteries, get good vibes and support sustainability, that has become key to be able to keep enjoying on the environment where we love practicing our favorite sports!

Moritz, Founder and Owner at Jeckybeng

4 days of countless inspiring talks with great people who are doin’ their thing and that with so much energy and a sustainable effort!! It was wonderful to meet you ladies & gentlemen and thank you all for the awesome feedback!!

Hubertine Roessingh, Sustainability Manager The North Face – EMEA

We really liked the 7SKY inspire booth, with Greenroomvoice and Brandsforgood this is a great way of positive storytelling, showcasing projects that make a difference in the world and sharing social & environmental best practices. Spreading inspiration and building a community, are the key words that come to mind when thinking of the INSPIRE booth. The concept holds a lot of potential to grow and to reach and inspire even more brands and ISPO visitors in the future.

Maik Friese, Vize Präsident, GOODboards

First, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to GreenroomVoice. You’ve enabled us to make our ecological and social commitment public. We didn’t even know, that a platform like GRV was existing, to bring attention to these important issues to research and honor what’s been done.
All our doing comes directly from the heart. Common sense tells us to always be careful and conserve resources, respect mankind and the environment.
Through the platform that GRV offers smaller brands at ISPO, maybe other bigger brands become aware, that there is something more then sales and growth in numbers.If only one wholesaler steers his corporate philosophy towards the “social green” movement, all the work of GRV is worth it.It’s a pleasure to see, that unknown brands are given the opportunity to exhibit their excellent products and this should be promoted more! I believe that GRV should have more space to present these brands even better and that more nice people have the opportunity to show that there is another way.More room for ecological thinking means more space for a healthy future! To see you again soon at the ISPO 2014.

Everything is GOOD.

Jonny Kristiansen, CEO Nånkåtån:

In general, I experienced a high eco focus among the visitors to the GreenroomVoice area. Positive people and good conversations. I have some suggestions on how to get more attention to this area of the expo: One could hang a banner marketing the GreenroomVoice as a “market” in order to make it stand out from the rest of the expo. It wasn´t too obvious who the area belonged to, unless you were inside the actual GreenroomVoice area. There should be more space between each booth.

It might also be an idea to have a “whip” out in the hallway, to encourage more people to visit the Greenroomvoice area instead of passing by.

Julia Bauer, VAUDE Sport

To VAUDE, the GreenroomVoice platform is a means to stress the need for a more sustainable business world. Especially companies that produce goods to be used in nature have the responsibility to protect it and not to leave irreparable traces. In order to protect our planet and its inhabitants to the maximum extent while producing highly professional outdoor products we need to share: Goals, knowledge and expertise.

Christof Peller, Owner at Indiana Skateboards

We are very enthusiastic about the GreenroomVoice platform because you meet very interesting people and see products, which have taken up the challenge of sustainability. Whether big or small, we are all trying to find a new approach and start thinking about tomorrow. Everyone side by side, as it was a joint stand, was very successful concept. We will be there again.

Michi Weinländer, Völkl Snowboards int.

To us the GreenroomVoice platform is not only a chance to present Völkl’s manufacturing skills and new eco-friendly products to the pubic It’s also great to see and feel the vibe that surrounds oneself when you talk to all the enthusiastic people that you meet at the GreenroomVoice booth at ISPO. For sure it’s not always easy to see the impact that you have with your own small decisions. But being there gives you the big picture of the positive consequences that many small decisions put together can have. Let’s make our world a little bit greener all together…

Marion Hett, Owner and Founder at Monkee

GreenroomVoice is a great platform to the philosophy of our brand to be put into the spotlight! For the presence and possibility to communicate it was important and successful to be part of the project.
The positioning in the action sports hall was just perfect and it was good to show, that there is also “green”, sustainable action.
We could imagine very well in being part next year and book more space.
It would be nice, if the platform could get more attention and be placed in the middle of the hall…
A “green island” would be great!

Julien Durant, CO founder Picture Organic Clothing

Greenroom voice initiative is the continuity of the 7sky inspired booth at ISPO, it is the appointment of a new way of thinking and consuming. We believe in that project. We are part of that initiative for many years and will continue to improve our work every day.

Stefan Weckert Founder and Owner at Kun_tiqi:

It was great to meet so many eco warriors at the GreenroomVoice booth! Sometimes we feel lonely in a cruel, money minded world, but at ISPO we were part of a bigger eco and social responsible movement. Looking forward to meet the family next year again!






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